New Beginning: Ape & Ape

As I write this first (and hopefully not last) mini-blog, I'm sitting in my room in my underwear, unemployed. I recently quit my teaching job of two years. I didn't want to leave my students, and it broke my heart to break the news to them. But unfortunately, the management was horrible and had zero respect for their employees. Something I only realized after investing my time and hard effort into a place that saw me as replaceable as wet tissue paper. The place was always toxic, but I was never caught in the radiation since I didn't mingle and associate much. However, after a string of resignations (one after the other), it finally reached me when I found out the director cut two-thirds of my pay without informing me and replaced me from my position with a teacher I had introduced to him the previous summer.

I walked out, not knowing or caring how I would pay my rent. I refused to stay a minute more in a place that repeatedly disrespected me, demeaned me, and finally demoted me.  I'd rather struggle and work a menial job than be paid millions disrespectfully. 


When I left the establishment, I discovered I had more time to focus on myself and decided to follow my dream and start Ape & Ape.